"We renovate with pride"

For over twenty years The Bathroom Chaps have been delivering superior installations and renovations in some of the most prime real estate in South Africa.

We are as proud of our bathroom remodeling as the property owners are of their properties. By using the most up to date material, tools and applications we are able to deliver unrivalled quality in our bathroom installations.

Our projects are complimented by our clients so much so that we continuously receive praise for our renovation workmanship.

With a demand for perfection our creative flair gives the renovated bathroom a facelift that any property owner can be proud of, from precise tiling to precision plumbing and fixture installation

The bathrooms in some of the major hotels, shopping malls and real estate have "The Bathroom Chaps" mark of renovation expertise attached to them. This is why, before deciding on your next contractor read what our clients say about us. (read more)



Our teams consist of competent and reliable workers. They are under supervision at all times. All plumbing and electrical work will be done by qualified artisans.


Experience has shown that a complete bathroom remodeling takes five to seven working days. We commence work on a Monday morning and normally complete the bathroom on a Friday. We will do one bathroom at a time, leaving the other for use during the renovation.

Material supplied

All material supplied by us will be of the highest quality available on the local market.

Refuse Removal

At our cost we arrange a refuse bin for the duration of the renovation.

Protection of your property

No wheelbarrow will be used in your house under any circumstances.


  • "I just want to say “Thank You” for the professional way in which
    you have handled every facet of our renovations."
  • "If you are ever quoting a job for a potential client, please give my
    name and number as a reference and get them to call me.
    I guarantee you will get the business ."
  • "I can highly recommend their high quality of work
    and creative style. "
  • "Thank you for the way everything was handled so efficiently,
    as well as your workers who work cleanly and neatly."