"We renovate with pride"


Our teams consist of competent and reliable workers. They are under supervision at all times. All plumbing and electrical work will be done by qualified artisans.


Experience has shown that a complete bathroom remodelling takes five to seven working days. We commence work on a Monday morning and normally complete the bathroom on a Friday. We will do one bathroom at a time, leaving the other for use during the renovation.

Material supplied:

All material supplied by us will be of the highest quality available on the local market.

Refuse Removal:

At our cost we arrange a refuse bin for the duration of the renovation.

Protection of your property:

No wheelbarrow will be used in your house under any circumstances.

On arrival and until we leave in the afternoon, spot sheets are laid on the carpets or tiles from the entrance of the house to the bathroom where the work is being done. These sheets are removed before we leave. Your house will be left as clean as possible under construction circumstances.